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Development and application market of low alloy titanium coil tape in western Baoji

Because our country to titanium roll product development starts late, until this century national "eleventh five-year plan" period just began to construct. Up to now, the key technology of low alloy titanium coil production is still in the hands of several large foreign titanium coil production enterprises, and a domestic enterprise has only started to conduct in-depth research in recent years and made preliminary progress. However, domestic low-alloy titanium rolls still need to be imported in large quantities every year, and the price and demand are controlled by people, so as to restrain and kill the production of domestic low-alloy titanium rolls, and achieve the purpose of exporting titanium processed products to China and monopolizing the market.

Alloy titanium belt coil is mainly used in aircraft, spacecraft, submarine, nuclear power plant, medical treatment, high-end racing and other high-tech fields as well as metallurgical, chemical, decoration and other civil fields.

At present, China has built a number of complete titanium coil production lines, and began to take shape, equipment strength has far exceeded the foreign similar production enterprises. In November 2008, with the success of trial production of cold rolled titanium coil in China, a complete production chain from sponge titanium, melting, forging, rolling, finishing treatment, deep processing has been formed. The production technology of titanium strip coil has been improved day by day, which has accumulated a lot of data and experience for the production of low alloy wide titanium strip coil.

The health care industry

Because of its good compatibility with human body, titanium has been used as the preferred material in the medical industry. With the development of the strip market, depend on the chip before production material of medical industry, began to tend to replace belt production, mainly considering the belt production of high precision, high consistency, can fully guarantee the safety of use in human environment, but at the same time, also slightly high intensity index request, this has led to low alloy market potential.

Civil market

In recent years, due to the promotion of titanium for construction and titanium for kitchen utensils, the use of titanium materials in the civil market has been gradually accepted by people, and we have begun to take the proportion of titanium elements in life as a strength of enterprise publicity. In emerging markets such as mobile phone cases, laptop computers, card holders, and even business cards, titanium is becoming a tool of publicity and a vehicle for information delivery.


Ti-3Al-2.5V is mainly used as seamless tube. The tubes can be machined in various crystalline directions from radial to axial textures. The diversity of Ti-3Al-2.5V texture provides an effective method to improve the performance. Ti-3Al-2.5V was originally developed as a material for welded and seamless pipes. This alloy has since been used in a number of other structures, but is still dominant in pipe applications.

Virtually all commercial airliners now have TI-3AL-2.5V hydraulic systems, and the alloy is increasingly being used in chemical equipment. Its chemical equipment can withstand higher operating temperatures, improve efficiency, and significantly reduce the environmental impact, especially good corrosion resistance in seawater, making it increasingly used in offshore water cooling systems and subsea oil exploration. At the same time, high strength, low density and good rigidity is an excellent material for the development of bicycle frames and golf clubs.