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Why cold-rolled titanium plates and strips need to be annealed according to their purpose

Titanium is easy to be oxidized, oxidized film will be generated in trace oxygen-containing atmosphere at high temperature, and tempering color will appear. Therefore, annealing of titanium strip of cold-rolled titanium plate should be carried out in vacuum annealing furnace. According to the use of sometimes also in the atmospheric annealing furnace, and then the alkali salt pickling treatment, to remove the surface oxide scale. The temperature of atmospheric annealing is 700-800 degrees, and the holding time is shorter. Annealing furnace with catenary type, can produce good flatness of the coil, but also can reduce the finishing process of orthopedic load. After atmospheric annealing, phosphorus is removed with alkaline molten salt (approx. 500°C), followed by pickling. The final annealed material should be leveled or orthodontic according to the need, then cut the edge, cut the bar, cut the plate, after the surface quality inspection factory. Annealing conditions should be set according to the processing method and use of the product. The organization after annealing is generally uniform equiaxial organization.

Before vacuum annealing, the cold rolled coil must be cleaned, and the rolling oil and other oils must be completely removed. Generally, alkali washing is used to degrease. The cleaned cold-rolled titanium strip is heated after vacuum exhaust in the vacuum annealing furnace, and the heating should be carried out in stages to ease the temperature difference between the inner and outer sides of the titanium strip. After some time of vacuum exhaust, helium gas is used to replace it, and a forced fan is used to stir it to produce convective heat conduction and even the temperature. Maintain a vacuum venting state at 400-500°C to obtain a cleaner surface. Annealing temperature is 600-650°C holding for 5-10 hours, plus heating time and cooling time, one batch treatment time is about 10-50 hours.