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The characteristics of Baoji western titanium material titanium plate

1. Titanium seed plate is an oxidized film on the surface, which is equivalent to a good wear-resistant hair separation agent. The use of titanium seed plate saves the separation agent, makes the plate easy to peel off, eliminates the process of preprocessing of the seed plate, and the titanium seed plate is half lighter than the copper seed plate.

2. The service life of titanium seed plate is more than 3 times that of copper seed plate, which can reach 10 to 20 years according to the operating conditions

3. Electrolytic copper made from titanium seed plate has compact crystal structure, smooth surface and excellent quality.

4. Because the titanium plate does not need to be coated with separation agent, it can avoid the pollution of copper electrolyte.

5. Improve the production capacity and reduce the production cost of electrolytic copper, so as to achieve better economic benefits.