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What is the difference between "titanium gold, titanium alloy and pure titanium"? Definition is important!

Familiar with titanium metal partners know that there are many kinds of titanium, such as we are familiar with titanium gold, titanium alloy, pure titanium... But what's the difference? What are the substances? Don't worry, Baoji western titanium material to give you a story!

[About Titanium]

Titanium gold does not have a professional, accurate definition, someone will metal titanium, titanium alloy referred to as titanium gold, but this concept is inaccurate. There is a sodium nitride crystal, especially the use of vacuum coating titanium nitride (also known as PVD process) has a golden metallic luster, in more cases titanium gold actually refers to titanium nitride coating. Most companies deliberately confuse titanium or titanium alloy with titanium nitride in the name of titanium gold for marketing purposes, but titanium nitride and titanium are two separate concepts and, like titanium dioxide used as a whitening agent, are not metals at all.

[About Titanium Alloy]

Titanium alloy refers to the alloy material which is based on titanium and is composed of other strengthening elements, such as aluminum, nickel, chromium, copper, etc., in order to obtain higher strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. At present, titanium alloy is the most widely used titanium metal material, in aviation materials, oil exploitation, food, sports, medical fields have a wide range of applications.

[About pure titanium]

Pure titanium because the processing performance is better than alloy, so some of the products with high requirements for material forming performance are mainly pure titanium, such as POTS, bowls, cups, POTS and other tensile forming products.

So, the concept of titanium, titanium alloy and pure titanium three is different, their respective scope of application is not the same, can not be generalized, distinguish the concept is very important!